The Kindly Centaur, Chiron The centaur Chiron tutors the young hero Jason. Roman fresco from Herculaneum. Photo: Scala/Art Resource, NY.

The primary sources for Mythweb's Greek mythology are Homer's Iliad, Homer's Odyssey and the Library of Apollodorus. Although he wrote centuries after the myths were first narrated (perhaps as late as the year AD 200), Apollodorus seems to have drawn faithfully on early accounts.

The stories are retold for Mythweb by Joel Skidmore, who has been interested in Greek mythology since his kindergarten teacher explained the flying horse symbol of the gas station on the corner. Joel studied English literature in college and has since worked as a newspaper reporter, locomotive engineer, writer, editor, and game designer. With Jeff Cretcher he co-designed the Greek mythology adventure game Wrath of the Gods.

Many of the illustrations at Mythweb are by Mark Fiore. Apart from his contributions to this website, Mark is a political cartoonist of note.

The beautiful painting of the gods on Mount Olympus is by Gordon Dean.