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King Minos. Character from Wrath of the Gods.

Polyeidus (pol-ee-AYE-dus). Seer descended from Melampus. As a clairvoyant, Polyeidus was called upon by King Minos when his son Glaucus disappeared one day in the labyrinthine passages and countless chambers of the palace of Knossos. Polyeidus found the boy smothered in a jar of honey and was then imprisoned by Minos until such time as he could restore him to life. In his captivity, Polyeidus witnessed a snake revive a dead companion by rubbing it with a certain herb, and this proved equally efficacious with Glaucus. Now Minos demanded that the boy be taught all the seer's arts of prophesy. Reluctantly Polyeidus complied, but when he was finally able to take his leave from the demanding tyrant, he asked Glaucus to spit into his mouth, whereupon he immediately forgot all that he had learned. It was Polyeidus who advised Bellerophon how to tame the flying horse Pegasus.