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Theseus and Periphetes. Painting by Guy Fiero.

Periphetes (per-i-FEE-teez). Lame, club-wielding outlaw from Epidaurus. The hero Theseus garnered his early fame by ridding the road between Troezen and Athens of the bandits and ruffians that inflicted it. Periphetes was the first of these. Theseus had barely set out from his childhood home when he was set upon by this limping brigand. Periphetes had wrapped a stout wooden club in a layer of metal to give it additional heft. And he was about to test this implement on Theseus's head when the hero grabbed it out of his hand. In the days to come Theseus would further expand upon a policy which he now initiated by dealing Periphetes a deadly blow with his own weapon. The hero had made it his credo to do unto others the evil they were about to do unto him.