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An Enthusiastic Game
I enjoyed playing "Wrath of the Gods" because it teaches me a lot from mythology, also it's a really enthusiastic game and really fun to play. It takes you through all the scenes and looks actually real. In this game your purpose is to go through what Ulysses went through, except if you know his story then it is easy to obtain the things you need and pass the game. For example, you have to pass through the Sirens and cover your ears with wax like Ulysses did, and the wax you have to have you get from the beehive. In "Wrath of the Gods" every move you make will hurt you or help you win the game. If you get stuck like it happened to me sometimes, when you go to the Oracle she will give you great hints. If you like mythology and enjoy video games then "Wrath of the Gods" is the game for you.

Mariana Flores