"How do you teach the dusty texts of Greek mythology to a video child of the 90s? Turn mythology into a video game, grounded in the myths themselves... Wrath of the Gods succeeds with flying colors."
Wall Street Journal

"This software, coupled with the Teacher's Guide binder, simply cannot be ignored by educators who are teaching Greek mythology in the computer classroom of this day and age."
CD-ROM Above Board

"Wrath of the Gods is a thorough, well-thought-out educational game that students and adults will enjoy."
Technology Connection

"Besides the fact that it is delightful to play, Wrath of the Gods is a great instructional guide to works of art, geography, history and literature."
Texas Classics in Action

Featured in "Best 50 CD-ROMs"

"I use Wrath as a springboard for students to learn standard myths as well as a take-off for writing their own myths."
Kathy - Homestead High School

"Fantastic program - students really enjoy learning about Greek mythology with this program."
Bill - Ash Elementary

"You've made Greece and it's myths accessible - they really came to life!"
Howard - Martin Luther King Middle School

"Wrath of the Gods, the first CD-ROM game based on Greek myths, hooks the player with humor, effortless lessons in mythology, beautifully rendered graphics and an interesting challenge."
New Media Magazine

"Wrath of the Gods defines the state of the art of computer games... the scenes and animations are close to spectacular..."
The New York Times

"Wrath of the Gods is a fun and educational adventure for both the seasoned and novice player...a fine mix of hip history, challenging game play, and quality presentation."
Computer Gaming World

"If you like adventure games or Greek mythology, you'll get a kick out of Wrath of the Gods."
CD-ROM Today